Safety Sanctuary

Exterior walls and floors/ceilings: 1 foot (12 inches) thick steel reinforced solid concrete precast slabs.

Interior walls

Interior walls: 6-inch thick steel reinforced hollow core concrete precast slabs.


Ballistic (Bullets & Blast), Intrusion, Radiation, and Fire rated exterior doors.


Fire and Intrusion rated exterior windows.


  • Ballistic (Bullets & Blast), Fire, and Intrusion rated exterior shutters on all exterior doors and windows.
  • All ground floor windows designed with 6 inch width only eliminating the threat of any human or large animal intrusion into the villa in the event of catastrophic window failure.
  • Two threat level (Orange & Red), two room, 600 sqft, highly reinforced Nature/Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NNBC) event survival safe zone on the ground floor.
  • Safe zone connected to two state of the art Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NBC) air filtration systems, one main one for both rooms, and one back up system with manual operation option in the red threat level safe room.
  • State of the art smart home and security systems with a 360-degree AI and thermal vision enabled PTZ security camera with 24/7 automatic threat identification, tracking, and alert capability.


Build your SOS Villa now and protect your loved ones from any threat. Join our community of prepared individuals and safeguard your peace of mind today.

Smart Security

  • Roof integrated state of the art PV solar power and battery storage system.
  • High-capacity weather resistant residential wind turbine system.
  • Reverse osmosis water filtration system capable of fully treating all kinds of polluted water from all Nuclear/Biological/Chemical toxic particles into drinking water.
  • No septic tank sewage system that self treats wastewater to agricultural or even drinking grade water.
  • Roof design allows for maximum gutter less rainwater collection into underground tank.