EcoPower Retreats

Off grid solar and wind power systems with a roof mounted diesel generator backup

NBC Filter Tech

Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NBC) toxic particles water and air filtration systems.

Terrace Escapes

Multiple outdoor and protected entertainment balconies and terraces.

Deck Fireplace Haven

Large outdoor pool deck with protected concrete fireplace gazebo.


  • Villa highly resistant to all major Nature (Weather/Human/Fire/Animals/Aliens), Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological (NNBC) events.
  • Internal 2 room safe zone on the ground floor designed to effectively shield and protect occupants in a survival zone from any major NNBC event.
  • Safe zone consists of two attached windowless highly reinforced solid concrete rooms each with it’s own dedicated heavy blast door. The rooms are a theatre/game room attached to a sleeping quarters safe room with bunk beds that can sleep up to 10 occupants.
  • In the event of a mid-level orange threat alert, the villa occupants retreat to the theatre plus safe room (sleeping quarters) combination safe zone where they can survive comfortably for months with a reasonably high level of NNBC protection.


Build your SOS Villa now and protect your loved ones from any threat. Join our community of prepared individuals and safeguard your peace of mind today.


  • In the event of a red threat level alert, the occupants retreat to the safe room behind its second blast door. This safe room is designed to have the protection of two one-foot-thick steel reinforced solid concrete walls on all sides for maximum radiation shielding and structural strength. The safe room contains bunks beds for 10 occupants plus a bathroom, kitchenette, and food storage area. The safe room is designed for stays of weeks until the extreme severity of the outside NNBC threat subsides and occupants can move out the theatre room and eventually back out the main villa when threat level is acceptable.
  • Self-cleaning Villa: Entire villa exterior surface designed to allow for full exposure rainwater to regularly and completely self-clean the entire villa surface of all NBC particles with no human intervention and unavoidable exposure.
  • Given the SOS Villa’s high resistance to natural events such as severe storms (tornadoes/hurricanes), earthquakes, floods, fire, human assault, and pests (termites/rodents), insurance premiums and maintenance costs are significantly lower compared to traditional wood housing.